What to Expect?

Our goals for you are to:

  • Get you presentation-ready
  • Increase your networking to 4 opportunities per week
  • Provide you with effective tools and techniques to find more opportunities within 3 months of course completion.

Networking is key.

100% of directors and above look on job boards because it’s an easy source of information on what company is hiring for which positions, which seems like a natural and brilliant idea. The fact of the matter is that while 100% of people try that, less than 10% are able to get a job from that method – meaning 90% land a job some other way, which (no big surprise) is networking their way into the job. Many of the jobs you’re going to find yourself and others going through this program ending up in are not posted to start with. The posting piece comes after the fact, from a compliance perspective, it’s not all that open once that posting is made.

Jobs occur at the director and above level from conversations with others who are in their companies with certain kinds of challenges, but the people on their team may not have all the skills, or specific experience, or passion to deliver what is needed. The things that need to get done for the company to make revenue, are not happening.

What is your role?

  • Talk to people and ask specific questions which we will explain as we go.
  • Build new relationships every week and focus your conversations into productive outcomes from deep purposeful professional relationships. With your conversations, you will find out some of the challenges that are going on in the companies and the marketplace, who specifically is experiencing those challenges, and how you can bring value to them.
  • Getting clarity about what value you bring as perceived by others and what kind of opportunities you really want to get into.