Welcome to Career Con-X’s Core Accelerator for Executives In Transition!

Is this really going to work?! That is probably what you are thinking. What have I gotten myself into!!….. is another thought you might have.

You have made a choice to change from what you were doing to something new, so kudos to you and let’s get started.

If you think you CAN or CAN NOT, you are right…either way. 

You are putting yourself in control of your search rather than allowing circumstances to control you. Most likely you have been searching on job boards and talking with friends asking if anyone knows anyone who can give you a job. Everyone starts here, it’s natural. It’s also demeaning, uninspiring and reactive.

But… there is another way… a Better way!

You are here because you believe that this is going to be different, you are going to do things differently and you believe you will find the opportunities you are seeking. Deep down you know you have a lot of value to bring to the right people who need you and your experience, skills, knowledge, passion.

What we ask of you

  • Assignments
    • Each week plan to spend 15-30 minutes per day on exercises and assignments and a couple of hours practising the new approaches that you learn
  • Accountability group
    • You’ll be receiving accountability partners – plan to meet with your group weekly to discuss assignments and feedback on your materials!
  • Executive Roundtable
    • Plan to join this mastermind of other executives to give feedback on your journey and share your ideas.

What do you get?

Every week we cover different topics to help you develop your personal brand, research and prepare for rich, rewarding conversations that lead to more introductions to cool people who eventually will show you the next great opportunity you are meant to pursue.


Tech help

If you’re having trouble navigating the lessons or the program, find tech questions and solutions here (link), or email support@careerconx.com or call (303) 990-5039.


VIP Strategy sessions

If you have VIP one-on-one sessions in our Companion Program, attend those on the scheduled dates. If you need one-on-one sessions, upgrade to the Companion Program.  

We will credit your cost of the core program for the purchase of the companion program.