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Colorado Executive Network Welcomes FranNet as New Sponsor

DENVER — (May 13, 2020) — The Colorado Executive Network (CEN) announces that FranNet is the newest sponsor of the Executives in Transition Program (EIT).

Patrice Barber, Director of the Colorado Executive Network is happy to welcome Stacy Swift and FranNet to the team. “We are very excited to have FranNet as a sponsor for the EIT program. Stacy and the FranNet group gives our executives more opportunities to explore as they work through their transition plans.”

Stacy Swift, Market President of FranNet is thrilled to be a part of the EIT program. “We are extremely excited to be working with Patrice and the EIT program to offer education and information on entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities as an alternative, or in addition to, traditional employment. For 25 years, throughout Colorado, we have helped hundreds of executives in career transition find business and franchise ownership opportunities as the next step in their career.  Our services align perfectly with those offered through the EIT program—to simply provide information on a variety of options for those making career changes.”

The Executives in Transition program assists executives at pivotal points in their career. Together with peers and experts, Patrice Barber helps executives hone their personal branding skills, preparing them for a transition to their next position. “After 4 years of working with over 250 executives, 82% are in their next position within 90 days and 8% are in their next position within 7 days. I am especially pleased that our cohorts continue on in the alumni program for years because of the deep relationships and robust networks that are formed.”

CEN is a social innovation group dedicated to gathering the top entrepreneurial and corporate leaders to actively participate in the sustainable economic development of Colorado. Executives are in active search every 3-5 years on average. CEN is proud to offer the EIT program to our community to cut the time of finding a new opportunity by 50-70%.

About FranNet

FranNet is a franchise brokerage and consulting group with offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. We help match those interested in owning their own business with opportunities that best fit them based on their skills, goals, interests, and financial capabilities.

Information regarding local opportunities can be found at www.franchisematchmakers.com.

About Colorado Executive Network

The Colorado Executive Network (CEN) is a social innovation group dedicated to gathering the top Colorado entrepreneurial and corporate leaders to actively participate in the sustainable economic development of Colorado.

We partner with OEDIT, DEDO, Denver Smart City, the Sustainability Alliance, and the Economic Develop Corps. Other CEN alliances include entrepreneurial groups including TIE, RVC, Prime Health, SOPE, and women’s leadership forums including Executive Women’s Summit, Executive Women Connecting, Women of M and A, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Global Minded Education.

CEN provides a platform for sponsors and partners to gain access to Colorado talent to discuss and support Colorado sustainable growth initiatives through cross-industry discussion forums. The community provides peer to peer mentoring, leadership development, and board advisors. For more information on the Colorado Executive Network, visit www.coloradoexecutivenetwork.org.

To discover how the Executives in Transition program can jump-start the search for your next opportunity, visit executivesintransition.org.


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