Executives in Transition

Executives in Transition Core Workshop

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Bob Ford
Bob FordPrior Attendee
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The content is excellent. The focus on building our personal brand is spot on for helping me find my next opportunity. The exercises, on using social media and it's impact on an effective career search…was very, pertinent and practical to today's job market.
Janene Shriner
Janene ShrinerPrior Attendee
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I came away with strategies to apply right away. Other organizations provided technical education and networking opportunities, but not personal training at this level.
Alison Bodor
Alison BodorPrior Attendee
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I am so pleased with the EIT training, {the work on building my network} is incredibly valuable to me. Thank you thank you!
Jennifer Laughlin
Jennifer LaughlinPrior Attendee
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…surprising revelation ….networking is not a horrible phony experience...it can be fun, genuine, and incredibly productive.
Kristi Correa
Kristi CorreaPrior Attendee
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Great content, terrific guest speakers,and wonderful leader- Patrice
Cathy O'Brien
Cathy O'BrienPrior Attendee
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Really made a difference for me. Because of the work I did with Patrice in fine-tuning my LinkedIn profile and creating a follow up system, I had 3 solid interviews and selected between 2 competing offers within 60 days of completing the workshop.
Michele Gravel
Michele GravelPrior Attendee
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I want to thank you for all of the amazing knowledge that you imparted onto us. I really did learn a lot during the time I was there. This was a great course. Learned what I needed exactly when I needed it as we went along! Thank you!

NEW Workshop BEGINS January 27th 2019!

Every executive will be in transition at pivotal points in their career.  Today’s execs can anticipate transitioning as often as 3-5 years.

Your personal brand, business story, and network are your most valued resource.

This highly interactive workshop and full year of ongoing support are designed for VP and C-level execs preparing for or already in transition who are ready to develop their personal brand and leverage the latest in tools and technology to reach out to a broader network.

Exclusive invitations to executive networking organizations and the opportunity to serve as a mentor gives you a way to provide value to the community, assess new opportunities from the inside and establish connections with other execs and business owners.

The five-week workshop now includes a full year of the Touchstone Executive Network.
  • 1-on-1 Jump Start Strategy session before the workshop starts
  • 1-on-1 Post Workshop strategy session
  • A full year of access to the Touchstone Executive Network
  • Quarterly leadership development

Classes Are From 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM
* Session 5 and 8 Start At 7:15 AM

Monday Friday
January 27 January 31
February 3 February 7
February 10
February 14
February 17 February 21
February 24 February 28
March 2

CRESA Board Room | 1001 17th Street Suite 1225 Denver, CO 80202



If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns About This Program
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Together with peers and experts, we hone your skills in each area and provide the tools and training you need to seek new opportunities with ease.
Our format includes interactive presentations, group feedback and small group breakout sessions to improve your job search.
Receive exclusive invites to network with multiple executive organizations and individual introductions.

Learn More About the EIT Program:

Jump Start Strategy Session

  • No need to wait…Start today with a personal strategy session and your action plan. Come prepared to the first workshop session.

• Tell your story – Align your value, message, business card, resume and elevator pitch.
• Refine your resume and digital presence  -Perfect your resume, and be where you need to be online. Ensure consistency across all digital channels.
• Implement social media – Use LinkedIn to catch the attention of recruiters and potential employers.
• Network intentionally -Connect to your sphere of influence. Find out the do’s and don’ts for flawless follow up. Request introductions and meetings with influencers and prospects.
• Focus and target your next position – Increase your interview opportunities. Improve your interview skills by learning strategies for phone, face to face, Skype, and group interviews, and how to address age discrimination.
• Create your personalized follow-up system – Develop your ongoing follow-up system to track progress, measure successes, stay motivated and manage your time to highest and best use.
• Close the deal – Body language tips, negotiation strategies, creative benefits packages.

$100 Discount on Professional resume rewrites

$100 Discount on Professional Head Shots

One-On-One Wrap Up

  • Discuss your specific challenges and get fresh ideas for resolutions. 

Check Up From The Neck Up

  • Emergency call or text to discuss specific challenges.

Execs After Hours

  • After hours events to grow your network

Brain Blitz

  • Facilitated small group discussions with your peers

VIP Partner Invites

Learn More About the EIT Program: