Executives in Transition

What do you need to be considered the Top Candidate? 

By the Numbers

87% of these candidates are in their next position in under 90 days

 8% are in their next position in under 7 days


If your transition plans and Personal Brand are positioned correctly, there may only be a handful of minor moves you need to make to go from constantly being passed over or just getting past the gatekeeper and maybe getting invitations for 2nd interviews but never quite getting the final interviews to, Being the Top Candidate, sought after by recruiters and getting multiple offers.

But if you have been confused, frustrated and churning over the “rinse-repeat”cycle that isn’t moving ahead…

Its time to streamline and go big!

Need to get started today? Consider the Executives in Transition Companion program

Need a done for you approach? Consider the Executives in Transition Concierge Program. 

Every Executive will be in transition at pivotal points in their career.

This workshop is designed for Director and above execs who are ready for the next big move in their career.

This may be within your current company or an active or passive search. Together we develop your Personal Brand, develop your Portfolio of Career Assets and put your Career Action Plan into motion, all during the workshop.

The instructors and your fellow attendees form the unique group with never a dull moment. Your experience lasts well beyond the 5 weeks.

Receive a Fast Track bonus for Signing up by March 18th

In our small group conference calls: 
Get the prep you need for your best introduction, learn the right answers to challenging interview scenarios,discuss negotiation strategies. Let’s answer your toughest questions.

Next Workshop BEGINS May 22th 2020


Classes Are From 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

*Session 1 is from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM

CRESA Board Room | 1001 17th Street Suite 1225 Denver, CO 80202

Monday Friday
No Class 5/25 5/29/2020
6/1/2020 6/5/2020
6/8/2020 6/12/2020
6/15/2020 6/19/2020

Before I tell you about  The Executives In Transition Program, that I am hosting, I’d like you to hear from Don Dertina Regional VP who landed his next position within 90 days of wrapping up The EIT program.

“ I joined the EIT program for the purpose of growing my network and one of the greatest things I gained out of the organization and the EIT workshop is the opportunity to network with a lot of phenomenal people. I also enjoyed the opportunity to get together with my accountability partners….really enjoyed the comradery….The other thing that has been great for me is the relevant content… I will tell you with relation to an outplacement organization I have had experience with (before the EIT Program), this was BY FAR better and more relevant for me.”

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The EIT participants are carefully selected. It’s a great group of highly talented people. 

Immediately after the EIT workshop here is what Steven had to say:

“If you are making $150k+ per year,  each day you are not working is costing you around $600 in after tax income. So the focus and nudge that the program gives you to get out of your comfort zone… rapidly accelerates your time to get that next position. The cost is diminimus…. It’s a terrific investment. “

 We think that means…” this is a great investment in yourself”

Its one thing to read blogs, books, online materials and even attend webinars to get other sources of information about transitioning your career and being an executive in transition.
Its quite another to have people focused specifically on your situation. I work with you directly. Together with 5 other experts and the peer-to-peer format, you get exactly the feedback you need to fine tune the tiny hinges that will swing open the big doors.

This 5 week workshop includes 9 interactive sessions.

I am limiting this to 15 and inviting you and up to 14 others to come to Denver. You and I will roll up our sleeves, work together and work with each other to perfect the way you present your story, build your sphere of influence and target the companies that are the best fit for you.

I have been paid as much as $1800 just to right resumes and some marketing materials and I don’t offer this service as a copy writer. The confidence boost alone that you get from this program could make the difference on its own.

Yes, you will hone your skills in each area below giving you the tips, tools and training you need to seek new opportunities with ease…

But…Its really not about your LinkedIn profile, Resume and Loads of ineffective Networking groups.

Over the past 5 years of providing the program I have become the most frequently referred to program by recruiters. The reason why is simple. It works!  After working with over 200  candidates we discovered that there are 10 Traits of  Top Candidates that they have and others simply don’t. Those are the 10 traits I share with you in this workshop.

Together we cultivate those traits into your personal Portfolio of Career Assets unique to you.  These are not earth shattering, in fact they are like tiny hinges.

Let’s develop your tiny hinges that swing open the big doors for you. 

How quickly could you land?

Below are a few of our candidate results.

Todd Cameron
Jonathan Harber
Charles Warren
Sandy Bowman
Manda Morris
Maarten Warnaars
Lynnea Louison
Suzy Cannon
Olga Odell

VP Marketing / Eplexity 
VP Product Management / Ridgeline International 
Director Marketing / RMO
VP Quality / Wyndham Destinations
Sr Director Strategic Finance / Soma Logic
Sr Director Operations / IAALS 
Director Global Logistics / Arrow Electronics
Manager / FP&A Panasonic 

35 days
28 days (12 months before program)
3 days
120 days
55 days
62 days
30 days
45 days
88 days

Here is what you get

Apply to the program. Once accepted we schedule a personal strategy session to create your launch plan. This Jump start gets you fully prepared for Day 1 of the workshop.
WEEK 1-5

Most Execs miss the 3 most essential aspects about what they do.  Once you include these essentials anyone you talk to will understand exactly what you do and how to help you find the connections that are perfect for you. Align your value, message and how you present to tell your real story.


There are many opinions about resumes and only ONE correct answer about what ATS systems will accept. We will not suggest you should be applying to job boards but you may have to submit your resume as part of the process. We show you how.

More importantly you will develop your Professional Summary, learn why this is more important than a resume and how to apply every aspect of it to all your other Portfolio of Career Assets.


Having a linkedIn profile is a great start but its not enough. Learn how to use the advanced features of LinkedIn without paying for Premium. See first hand how your peers are attracting attention of recruiters and potential employers.


Executives often get a first meeting but rarely a second or more. With Intentional connecting we show you how to go beyond networking. Change the painful process into a joyful experience.  ( Seriously that is a comment from more than 25% of attendees who ….like you, hate to network)

Increase your sphere of influence within the first week. Find out the do’s and don’ts and get our custom app for flawless follow up. Get the highest quality introductions and meetings with influencers and prospects. Its a numbers game and a process with 10 steps that you learn in session 4.


Learn the best ways to organize your search. Find the “hidden jobs” that are only posted after the position has several candidates. Become the top candidate for these sought after positions.

In the mock interviewing you learn how to be ready for any question with comfortable, real world answers that set you apart as the Top Candidate. Come away prepared for phone, face to face, Skype, and group interviews.

Find out how to make your age and experience an advantage instead of  a discrimination factor.


Develop your ongoing follow-up system to track progress, measure successes, stay motivated and manage your time to highest and best use.


You have heard that body language matters. Find out exactly what the impacts are, hidden messages you may be sending (and how to change that) and what to do (and not do) before, during and after interviews.

Understand what your Personal Gating Factors are and where NOT to compromise as we discuss negotiating and the strategy to close the deal.

WEEK 4-5

Some people just get stuck writing their own resume and can’t get beyond it. We have copy writers who understand professional resumes standing by to get it done for you at a deeply discounted rate


Pictures are worth AT LEAST a thousand words. If your linkedIn profile picture isn’t getting you positive remarks, lets fix it. We provide our professional photographer deeply discounted.


Discuss your specific challenges and get fresh ideas for resolutions. Get introductions you may have missed.


Emergency call or text to discuss specific offers, negotiation strategies, interview challenges.


After the intensive workshop twice per week, we down shift to once per week for 4 weeks. You are invited to a facilitated call with you and your peer executive team to serve as a sounding board as you finalize your new position


Direct introductions and invitations to executive VIP Partner Events



Give back to others coming into the EIT program.


Share your industry experience with later stage startups.

Why should I choose this over other programs or continuing on my own?

It’s NOT to get a pretty resume, LinkedIn profile and work really hard by yourself to cold call people or continue to submit resumes online. Of course those things matter, but are only about 10% of the solution.

No, the reason to work with me is to dominate your transition to land your next position.  AT EIT, I guide you through the transition minefield.

Sometimes candidates need a little more help outside the Core program. They know they need some one-on-one mentoring in addition to the peer to peer group to get past some specific hurdles.

What do I look for in an EIT Candidate?
  • Go Givers not just takers – people who listen to others, give constructive feedback and fresh ideas from your own experiences including the not so good things that did not work for you
  • Be Present in each session ready to actively learn, question what is stated,take action after each session
  • Steadily implement ideas and changesbetween each meeting and personally embrace Kaizen, continuous improvement
  • Maintain confidentiality– keep private information private, and don’t “steal” opportunities from others. We’re going to be discussing confidential matters in the group, and everyone needs to be confident their information will be kept safe.
“I just wanted you to know that I have accepted a job offer as CFO at an oil & gas company, Elk Petroleum. The offer came about 100% due to my step-up in networking based on the EIT! The role fits PERFECTLY with my experience and interest. Thank you , Thank you!”
Monica Brisnehan
CFO Elk Petroleum ( transitioned after the program in 8 days)

I hope, having gone this far, that you won’t stop short, for whatever reason–skepticism, procrastination, cost–whatever the reason may be.

You’ve gotten this far, and it’s now time to take action. Apply today and shortly after that, I’ll let you know whether or not your application has been approved. I’d hate to have to inform you that your application was not received in time. I look forward to receiving your application. But more than that, I look forward to working with you and mentoring you!

If you are not completely satisfied with the program, just let us know after the Jump start Strategy session and by the end of the first day. You can go home and we will issue a full refund.

Still have questions? Request a time to talk  (link to contact us page with Calendly.com invite on the thank you page.)