Executives in Transition

Building your Portfolio of Career Assets and planning a transition?

It can be so time consuming or even take longer than you expect, especially while still working. 

Our full service Concierge program is the “Done-For-You” approach

Concierge Program Includes
We give you a Virtual Assistant to:
  • rewrite your resume ( includes draft and 2 reviews/ revisions)
  • clean up your LinkedIn profile ( includes draft and 2 reviews/revision as well as requests for recommendations
  • build a list of network contacts for you
  • build your custom list of target companies, contacts and relevant jobs to consider tailored to your industry specification
  • setup your follow up system in our proprietary Personal CRM application which you will have full access to for 3 months (subscription will be needed for full application use after 90 days)
  • upload additional new contacts
  • track your progress for new contacts, calls, meetings, interviews, using our app on your phone
  • setup future communications and meetings as well as invitations to new contacts to earn your street cred with them
Program Also Includes:
Core Program
  • Jump Start Strategy session to launch your plans
  • 5 weeks 9 sessions with me and 5 experts along with 6-14 other execs
  • Interactive sessions, Mock interviewing, roll playing
  • Networking strategies that completely change the way you see this art form
  • Access for calls/text for emergency situations
  • You will probably get your greatest discoveries from your peers
Companion Program

Exclusive access to me for 6 personal strategy sessions across 8 weeks to create a direct and immediate impact to your search, your personal income and the effectiveness of your time.

    • Week 1 -first strategy session of 90 minutes, doing nothing but identifying and selecting the most advantageous leverage points to put your transition on the fast track.
    • Week 2,3,4 – One 30-minute strategy session with me on the phone for the next 3 weeks in a row. You and I will agree on 2-5 action items for you to achieve each call.
    • Week 5 and 7 – This time is for you to complete all session exercises. 
    • Week 6 and 8- Two 30-minute strategy sessions to go over results and fine tune.
    • Exclusive access to my Executive Assistant to schedule emergency time. Just call you’ll be scheduled with me within 48 hours.
    • Red carpet access to my live events includes the EIT Core and my partner events.


If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns About This Program
Please Get In Touch With Us.