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Human Capital

Emerging Trends in Human Capital

As a Talent Strategist and Executive Recruiter, I am pretty “geeked out” about human behavior and its impact on business. The way organizations leverage and organize people is constantly evolving in today’s change-obsessed business climate. Advancements in organizational psychology and behavioral science, coupled with an increased focus on purpose-based cultures and emotional intelligence has created …

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Congratulations Becky!

Congratulations to CEN member and alum of the Executives in Transition program, Becky Shepherd for landing and excelling in her new role. Becky is now the VP, Controller at Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. She noted  “I leveraged what I learned from EIT for sure in this process.” Way to go Becky! So excited for …

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EIT Lunch

Building a Personal Brand: How to Elevate and Separate From Your Peers

Why should anyone listen to you? If you have ever thought about this or had someone ask you this question, it’s time you worked on your personal brand. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of executives create and maintain their personal brands. These executives often remark how their personal brand gave them a much …

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Networking on Purpose: The Why and the How

Networking.  The very term often elicits either fear or resignation. Professionals know they need to do it but often are unclear as to why or how. Building a personal & professional “sphere of influence” is a critical part of proactively managing and developing your career. It also enables you to become a more respected and valuable asset to those …

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Making 10x in 2020

How are you spending the next 6 weeks? Most people take the next 6 weeks to enjoy the season and step out of their job or passive or active search as much as possible. They tell you they deserve a and promise themselves they will shift into gear in January. While many of your colleagues …

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