Executives in Transition

Making 10x in 2020

How are you spending the next 6 weeks?

Most people take the next 6 weeks to enjoy the season and step out of their job or passive or active search as much as possible. They tell you they deserve a and promise themselves they will shift into gear in January. While many of your colleagues are heading for vacation time and perhaps coasting, consider that Execs who achieve high levels of success in their lives and careers take a different perspective on the next 6 weeks than most of us.

As schedules at work open up with structured meetings falling away, these high performers see an opportunity to fill that time with important meetings to rekindle relationships with colleagues, important accounts, and their most influential business and career advisory peers.  This is viewed by them as the perfect time to take proactive steps to enhance their career advancement, learn about the market place and discover the changes coming in the new year.

All of the execs I have had the privilege of working with especially in Colorado are uniquely adept at balancing in (read scheduling in) the additional time for holiday fun with family, friends, work celebrations and adding in career development in place of some of the work activities that are not as active.  For them there is not a moment to be wasted.

Next 6 weeks:

  1. Successful execs take an hour or two in this part of the year to revisit and write down their North Star Objectives and set their Goal Tests. Those who write down these clearly defined Objectives and Goal Tests are 10x more likely to achieve those goals according to a Harvard MBA study on goal setting. These execs steer clear of the park and prey method of setting North Start objectives. Instead they actively review the goal tests monthly.
  2. Forward thinkers consider their next chapter and how they want to be remembered. What legacy will you leave?  Consider additional certification, education, pivoting to a new career or completely reinventing yourself. Use this time to talk with others about your aspirations and seek their wisdom on how to get where you want to go. Neighbors, friends and family are often a forgotten source of some of the best advice around.
  3. If you are considering a promotion, industry change, or company job change, gather a list of your proudest career moments, accomplishments that are most meaningful to you. Write them down as a great way to boost your personal esteem when you have times when you are not sure you ever did anything of true value. These STAR stories based on facts, are an excellent way to share things you value most with others.
  4. Establishing your exec reputation is directly related to the content you create. Revisit your resume, LinkedIn profile, personal website and other marketing materials to update them with your latest STAR stories.
  5. Successful execs actively seek feedback and take time for self-reflection Consider, are you happy in the choices you are making?  Now is a good time to decide to give to charity, change savings habits, or set your career on a new path by seeking out a mentor or peer to peer accountability group.
  6. There is of course the successful Execs mindset, focused on being a go-giver. They take the time to show appreciation to those who have helped them succeed in their career at work and in the organizations they belong to as well as their family members and social acquaintances who have gone the extra mile in their business and their personal lives.
  7.  – They reflect on personal and business relationships and take this time to forgive and let go of the tired repetitive conversations that didn’t go anywhere but certainly took an emotional toll the past year.


I trust you will find value in the list, take some proactive steps, and schedule in some career advancement time. Together lets ring in the New Year with confidence and joy about what you are creating for your future mentally, physically and emotionally.