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Lessons From The Trenches: Personal Branding Success Stories

Want to learn lessons from the trenches?

Have you ever wondered why some executives shine out from all the rest – they get speaker gigs, they get job promotions and the coolest opportunities. They are not any smarter than you or more experienced than you are. What sets them apart is their personal brand.

I have been working with Execs, CXOs, and founders for over a decade and in the last 5 years specifically focused on personal branding, what makes them sizzle and what makes them fizzle.

Here are a few examples of some personal brand success stories.

Former CFO of Catalyst Repository Systems, past President of FEI Colorado (Financial Executives International) Colorado Chapter and the Founder and President of Lew’s List, Lew Visscher.  Lew is known as one of the best-connected executives in Denver and Phoenix.

The SVP/COO at IDS International rose to the #1 Google page rank for her name. She brings core skills into a cohesive personal brand with wins in Marketing, Finance, and Operations. Meet Constance O’Brien. 

My third example is a woman who built businesses in Singapore, Asia, and the US. She put her Harvard MBA to use with several successful exits from companies she built and has created a strong personal brand in the food and beverage space. She is the Owner/CEO of Trompeau Bakery. This is Beth Ginsberg.

If you’re interested in learning more about how these executives build and maintain their personal brands, join us, and listen to the panel discussion.

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