Executives in Transition

Leadership: Are You Ready?

How well are you as a leader enabling your staff to accomplish organizational goals? Are you mobilizing your resources and explaining your vision so your employees know where the organization is headed and can work toward that vision?

Join the conversation on July 10 when Kristen Kenton, President of Kenton Talent leads the discussion on the New Management Contract.

We’re all aware that this is a unique time in the history of leadership. The past few months have resulted in many being laid off or furloughed from their positions, while others are being sent home to work from home offices.

The traditional, show up to the office model is shattered, and that is leading a transformation in management and leadership.

Executive Leaders are meeting to discuss these and related topics that impact our leadership style, personal brand, and careers. Join us on July 10 and tell us your experiences. RSVP here.