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Interviewing: Why Hiring for Culture Fit is Costing you Time & Money

Kristen Kenton | Kenton Talent Management

By: Kristen Kenton, President, Kenton Talent Management

As a Talent Strategist and Executive Recruiter, my clients rely on me to effectively assess “cultural fit” when making hiring recommendations and designing talent strategies.

However, I think this is a slippery slope depending upon how the company chooses to define both culture and fit. Doesn’t the word “fit” imply that we should make hiring decisions based upon an individual’s ability to seamlessly integrate into our current system?

Shouldn’t we first consider whether that system is something we wish to perpetuate? Also, is it possible that the best candidate may not think or behave just like “us”? Maybe they shouldn’t “fit”? If everyone in an organization must think and act like me, doesn’t that limit my opportunities for change, growth, innovation, and reimagination?

To find out more about how managers interview potential new team members and how to best ensure a good cultural “fit,” come and join this discussion at our September 11 luncheon.  I’ll be speaking on the interviewing process and you’ll get a chance to ask me questions. Register for our virtual lunch below:


Monitoring your personal brand and assessing your “fit” within the companies you want to work with is a great place to start as you look at new opportunities and how you may match with the company’s culture.

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