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Building a Personal Brand: How to Elevate and Separate From Your Peers

Why should anyone listen to you?

If you have ever thought about this or had someone ask you this question, it’s time you worked on your personal brand.

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of executives create and maintain their personal brands. These executives often remark how their personal brand gave them a much higher profile in their profession and inevitably facilitated that next, great opportunity.

How do you begin to create a dynamic personal brand? Here is the recipe for an effective, dynamic personal brand.

If you would like to discuss personal branding in person with other executives (Director and above) and try out some of your ideas to get feedback from experts in person, you can join in the upcoming lunch event here. Take a look at future events to see if there are other topics you want to read about or join in on. Bring all your questions and concerns about networking, as well as your business cards for practice!

If you can, please join us RSVP here.  We look forward to hearing your comments and getting your feedback afterward.