Executives in Transition


Breaks in your resume? Work for friends or colleagues.

Do you have gaps on your resume? Here’s part three of our series on explaining the breaks.

We continue our series on how to fill the gaps in your resume. Today, we talking about what to do if the break in your work history is due to a long job search.

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Work for friends or colleagues

Particularly if your work lends itself to helping friends, colleagues, or local businesses with a particular challenge, offer to help out.

For example, if you’re a marketing expert perhaps work with a friend that has a company that is struggling with their marketing. It can be paid or it can be volunteer.

If you can generate positive results, that’s the key. Add the title of consultant to your resume and describe the results that you achieved for the business.

This demonstrates that you’ve kept your hand in your specialty and can continue to generate great outcomes.