Executives in Transition

The Best Business and Transition Wisdom I Can Impart

This program is a culmination of more than 10 years of changes and growth:
  • launching multiple brands
    • one going to over $5M in 18 months
    • another going global in 2 years to 5 countries on 3 continents
  • in 2016 selling my third business
  • serving as a board member to two promising companies not related to digital marketing
  • leveraging and learning about pivots
  • building a sphere of influence that is now global

As I am writing this I am enjoying the view in Mumbai, India. I am here with executives from around the world discussing impacts to the economy in India, impacts and creative solutions to Women Led Business in India to be exact. I’ve had the pleasure of working with women from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to bring in entrepreneurial opportunities and show how we can all contribute to lifting the economy around the globe through entrepreneurship. 

While many struggle I have been blessed to have clients standing in line.

All while raising two awesome sons that are heading off to College.

During these pivotal moments both personally and professionally I have had the time to pause and consider next steps. The Executives in Transition programs were built to help others move through their own unique next steps.

Patrice Barber

Serial entrepreneur CEO of Taylor Made Solutions (TMS), is a national speaker and instructor to over 1,100 attendees of workshops and webinars, C-Level groups, leadership teams.

Rocio Perez

Rocio Perez is a Leadership Breakthrough Coach, Speaker, Author and Trainer. Founder of Inventiva Fund and Consulting, Rocio helps guide individuals to help them develop effective leadership, mindset, marketing and business strategies. 

Melodie Reagan
Melodie Reagan is the owner of Crazy Good Marketing (CGM), a cutting-edge marketing agency of freelancers that work with small to mid-sized businesses to drive more customers, better customers, faster.
Ken Dropiewski

Ken Dropiewski is a Principal Consultant with McDermott & Bull Executive Search. He specializes in helping start-up and smaller companies with their growth strategies and team development.

Diane Zile
Diane Zile, is a speaker extraordinaire and Partner at JERA Partners. As an Executive Advisor and Strategic Partner she engages with leaders.
Denae Bluethmann
Denae Bluethmann, of Executive Career Group, has over over 15 years of recruiting and coaching experience.
Dan Wegner

Dan Wegner is a Career Strategist, Executive Coach and is driven with Performance & Passionate in Mission.


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